FROM the bottom to the top, politics is riddled with corruption and gross mismanagement, they have thrown away billions of pounds of hardworking taxpayers’ money on everything from furlough, PPE, cash for favours, expenses scandals, contracts for their friends, ferries, disobeying the very laws they themselves made. 

World politicians are responsible for the biggest cost-of-living crisis we have ever faced, which incidentally they will not in any way suffer from and still they rant on at us while Rome burns.

This has all happened in this parliament and the devolved parliaments, as well as in local government, yet our elected politicians are all still swanning around as if it didn’t happen, if we the electorate do not hold these people to account, nothing will ever change.

No millionaire could possibly know what it is to live on the breadline, yet we have a law-breaking multi-millionaire chancellor dictating how we should live by raising taxes, we have the first ever law-breaking prime minister who along with Sunak has broken the Ministerial Code and both are refusing to resign? That choice should be ours not theirs. With all these failures mentioned which are fact, we now have local elections where once again pledges made will be reneged on once they’re elected.

Voting for any of these people is on a par with turkeys voting for Christmas.

Brian Markey 


WHEN will the relevant authorities concerned please address this problem before a serious accident happens?

Cars travelling along the Paisley Road West and stopping at the traffic lights trying to make a right hand turn into Sandwood Road which leads to Hillington Industrial Estate find there is NO filter light in place here. 

This means motorists trying to turn right are moving forward positioning themselves, but with the busy oncoming traffic the lights have then changed and they are forced to continue turning into Sandwood Road on the red light.

Paisley Road West is a very busy road, a right-hand filter light is well overdue at this junction.

I would hope the local authority concerned would address this problem and rectify this as soon as possible before a serious accident happens.

EK Crookston


SOME people just have nothing better to do than think they have the right to challenge others on their life choices. Laws need changed to ensure any “protester” deliberately impeding another person's access to any and all medical treatment is charged with a specific offence.

Kevin Ross