A MOTORCYCLIST drove up to a police vehicle and shouted ‘yasss’ before riding the bike along pavements in Drumchapel.

Officers were on patrol in the area at 10.30pm on Bonfire Night, 2019, when they spotted Gary Anderson ride up and down the street.

The 27-year-old rode up to the police vehicle whilst officers were within and shouted ‘yasss’ through the driver’s window. He then made off at speed.

Cops tried to stop Anderson, but he continued to ride the bike in a dangerous manner along pavements and roadways including on Kendoon Avenue.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, the prosecutor said: “It wasn’t until 11.55pm when other officers were on patrol witnessed the motorcycle being driven by a male unknown to them at this point.

“The officers then observed the motorbike parked securely and it was seized. They made enquiries and found that the registered keeper was the accused.

“The following day, police attended at his home in relation to the incident the night before. Following discussions, there was an admission the motorbike was his and he was the driver. He was cautioned and charged and made no reply.”

A not guilty plea of discharging fireworks at two male police officers on Kendoon Avenue was accepted by the Crown.

Anderson’s lawyer said his client, who is unemployed, has poor mental health.

He said: “I would ask you to note the date of the offence. He’s not been involved in anything since and has no matters outstanding.”

Sheriff Mark McGuire replied: “He has one previous conviction for driving with no licence and no insurance in 2013.

“Given the lack of significant record, I’m looking at a fine and a period of disqualification.”

The sheriff turned to Anderson, of Drumchapel, and said: “Your driving was dangerous, and you pleaded guilty in that regard. Taking into account your record and personal circumstances I will impose a fine.”

He was ordered to pay £320 and was disqualified from driving for 18 months.