A THUG who peed on a woman’s doormat went on to bombard a female cop with creepy comments including telling her he was good in bed.

Sean Lough, 33, also asked the officer if she liked her body and referred to her as childlike after being placed in a cell in Govan police office on January 25 this year.

Police were initially called to The Homeless Casework Team building in Possilpark after a woman locked herself in a toilet due to his behaviour.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, fiscal depute Victoria Keel said: “A woman attended for an appointment. The accused was also in attendance having waited for a number of hours to resolve a housing issue.

“He began to behave erratically and approached the woman. This made her feel uncomfortable, and she attended a private booth with a social care worker.

“The accused then attended the booth and began to look through it. He was shouting ‘you’re a cow, why the f**k have you got a TV licence.’

“The woman ran out of the booth and locked herself in the toilet where she began to cry.”

Cops attended and found Lough outside. He was shouting and banging his fists on a door.

He was arrested and taken to Govan police office.

Ms Keel added: “Whilst being observed by an officer, he stated, ‘how many men have you had’ and ‘how do you like things. I know how to satisfy women, I’m good in bed’.

“This made the officer feel uncomfortable. He stated ‘do you like your body, do you think you have a good body, do men treat you right. I’m not p*****g in this cell until you p**s first’.

“He continued by stating ‘you’re going red, are you embarrassed by this. Why do you want to touch my testicles, are you going to hurt my testicles?’

“He referred to her as a child and how she looked childlike. He was afforded several opportunities to desist.

“He told a male officer ‘get your penis out so I can have a look’ then shouted, ‘you f****t’.

“He was unable to be cautioned and charged due to his volatile behaviour.”

Lough appeared from custody, having been remanded since February.

He was also being sentenced for another two matters.

On December 23, 2021, Lough urinated on a woman’s doormat at her home in Knightswood. He was also uttering threatening remarks toward her.

And on January 14, 2022, employees at the Rennie Mackintosh Hotel on Union Street noticed Lough approach the reception desk punching his fists together at 9.15pm.

Ms Keel said: “He began to bang his fists on the desk. He stared at the female staff member after he was asked how they could help him.

“He made demands for a tea package whilst staring and growling at the woman. He thereafter paced up and down the reception area and punched a wall-mounted hand sanitiser.

“He was handed a tea package and he began to make demands for his room key. The accused then made a gesture towards the male staff member by making a slashing motion across his face.”

Police were contacted.

Lough’s lawyer said his client’s case had previously been deferred for psychological reports to become available.

He added: “He is ill, but since he’s been in prison, he has been taking his medication. He has psychotic difficulties and he suffers from a thyroid condition. He presents today completely different.

“When he came into the cells, he was well known for causing disruption but he’s a completely changed individual today.

“I can well understand why the witnesses were intimidated. He clearly needs some support. He’s been in custody since February. The case has been deferred for a psychiatric assessment, but we can’t keep him in custody forever.

“The difficulty starts when he doesn’t take his medication.”

Sheriff Allan Findlay placed Lough on a structured deferred sentence and ordered him to be of good behaviour, with a review to be held next month.

The sheriff told him: “Take your medication and leave people alone. Don’t let me down.”

Lough, whose address was listed as Knightswood, could be heard shouting “yasss” as he was led away by custody officers.