ON March 4, the Scottish Government gave Scotland’s 32 local authorities the powers to introduce a Workplace Parking Levy.

None have done so since the council elections are on May 5 and SNP and Green candidates want to be elected. 

They hate the motorist and after May 5, if in control of a council, will quickly introduce a WPL charge in excess of £400 which will certainly have to be passed on to employees. 

The only way to stop this is to vote for other parties. Only vote once selecting your preferred candidate. If you use all the votes available then the SNP and Greens could slip in the back door and be elected on the proportional representation system. 

Clark Cross 


As mask wearing turns into guidance instead of a legal requirement, our readers were split on whether they would continue to wear them or not, here’s a selection of comments...

Can't stand Nicola Sturgeon but NHS is on its knees. 

So yes I will wear mine, unless numbers with Covid in hospitals reduce or surgical procedures can resume.

Those who refuse to wear a mask are probably the very ones who are worrying more about their makeup than protecting our fellow citizens.

Jill Ferguson


I’VE been shielding for two years due to blood cancer. I’ve just been given the all-clear so I’ll finally be able to get out and about – but with my immune system still recovering a mask is a must for me.
Yasmin MacKenzie

Not a chance ... mine is getting cremated!
Rita Thornton

Just back from down south, was great to be free and able to enjoy life as a normal person.

James Hynde


REMEMBER you don’t get to decide if you wear a mask in shops, bars, trains, taxis, buses, the operators do, in my case it’s my taxi and my rules AND my health – feel free to get another taxi if you want.

Les Brown

MOST people have stopped wearing them weeks and months ago so why does Nicola think people now will start to wear them, no logic to that.

Barry Brown

MY amazing wee mum is 84 and we will protect her for as long as is necessary by sanitising hands, trolleys and wearing a mask.

Alison Perry