TWO youngsters who were attacked and chased by a gang of youths with glass bottles were taken to safety by a woman who bravely intervened.

Lesley McConville was driving near Westerton train station on Saturday night when she noticed a large crowd of teenagers running from the footbridge into the Knightswood area.

The 27-year-old says she had a “funny feeling” and turned her car to find a girl and a boy being chased by the group.

Lesley said: “They had glass bottles, it was shocking and so frightening. I started shouting at them all to leave the two others alone, but they just keep chasing them.

“I was running up and down the street trying everything, and I eventually got the two of them in my car and took them home to the girl’s house.

“The wee boy was shaking and everything, it didn’t even look like he had a fight in him. He was such a lovely wee boy. His head and face were all burst open, and his wee girlfriend was also attacked.”

Following the incident, which took place at around 8pm, Lesley received a thank you message from the girl’s mum, who said how appreciative she was that her daughter and the boy had been taken to safety.

She added: “The feeling was terrible and the cheek I took was unbelievable also. But no matter what, I would never have left them getting chased by all the little animals. So glad I turned my car and was able to get them in it and home.”

Police Scotland was called by another woman who witnessed the incident take place. But when officers arrived the group had moved on.

Lesley said: “After a lady phoning the police, I had taken the wee girl and boy home then got back to find police driving about half an hour later. Bit late.

“If I never stopped, that wee boy would probably haven’t stood a chance. Police Scotland has a lot to answer for, it’s a weekly thing. It’s getting really bad.”

Lesley’s own niece was the victim of an alleged attack on a train at Bowling, which then spilt out onto the platform, earlier this month.

Two girls, aged 15 and 16, have since been charged with common assault following the alleged incident, which was filmed, on April 7.

The 14-year-old victim was left traumatised, and her mum says it is unlikely she will ever travel alone on a train again.

Speaking to our sister title the Clydebank Post previously, the Drumchapel mum said: “The driver managed to get the train doors closed and keep her on the train out of harm’s way and he took her off at Dalmuir and put her into the ticket office and that’s when I got the call to come and get her.

“She was heartbroken. She’s never been in a fight in her life, never mind attacked.”

Lesley said her "instinct" to help kicked in on Saturday following the reported attack on her niece. 

She added: "All I could think about was my little niece. That’s why I had to help the boy and girl, my instinct was kicking in.

"I was a bit baffled as to how many kids there actually were, there must have been about 50. I was a bit concerned about what might happen when I stopped my car, but because of my niece, my adrenaline was going so fast.

"Anyone with teenagers really needs to start putting their foot down, it’s disgusting how this is happening every weekend.

"This needs to be in the eye of some of their mothers." 

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers received a report of a possible disturbance at Westerton train station around 7.50pm on Saturday, April 16, 2022.

“Officers attended and searched the area, however, there was no ongoing incident upon arrival and no one was traced.”