A MAN punched a police officer and attempted to punch another after they were called out to help him.

William McGonigle’s wife was concerned for his welfare after he locked himself in their city centre home on Valentine’s Day last year.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Ruaridh Allison said: “Entry was forced by officers and the accused was located within a bedroom.

"When officers entered the room, the accused lunged toward them and punched an officer on his left cheek. The officer partially blocked this and there was no injury as a result.

“He threw another punch in the direction of another officer which was narrowly avoided.

“He was apprehended by police but struggled violently continuing kicking out and tensing his body and resisting the application of handcuffs. Once constrained he was conveyed to Govan police office.”

In another incident on August 28, 2020, McGonigle pushed an officer into a wall.

Mr Allison said: “Police attended the home in relation to a noise complaint that had been made. When they attended, the accused was hostile toward officers. Additional officers were requested who arrived at around 12.45am.

“As the accused was being escorted out, he pushed passed the officers and entered a bathroom following a struggle.

“When police apprehended him, he made off into a bedroom. The accused flung his arms in an attempt to break free. The accused pushed an officer into a wall. This caused an abrasion to his left elbow.”

McGonigle’s lawyer said his client’s last conviction was in 2012.

He added: “He fully accepts responsibility for the incident. Alcohol played a part.

“His relationship was coming to an end. Whilst that doesn’t excuse how he behaved; it provides context. He was in emotional turmoil. He accepts these are serious matters. I would invite you to impose a community payback order.”

Sheriff Amel Elfallah said: “He’s not suitable for a restriction of liberty order or unpaid work so are you inviting me to impose supervision?”

The defence solicitor replied “Yes”.

McGonigle was told by the sheriff: “Your behaviour on both occasions was appalling. These police officers attended as people were worried about you and people were trying to help you and this is how you repay them.

“I did consider whether it was appropriate to send you to custody. You have been out of trouble a long time and trying to sort things out. My options are somewhat restricted due to your health difficulties.”

He was ordered to be under social work supervision for 18 months with a conduct requirement to attend addiction services and counselling.