We’re just two weeks away from the local council elections.

Every day our Glasgow Labour candidates are out across the city speaking to voters in their communities about the issues that matter to them and telling them about our plan to clean up our city, invest in our communities and build a Glasgow that is prosperous and world-leading once again.

Last week we unveiled our manifesto for the city.

It included plans to tackle the waste crisis by reversing the cuts to cleansing services; re-opening all of our community centres, because we know how vital they are to local people; and the establishment of a Municipal Enterprise Unit to identify and develop enterprise opportunities for the council.

The very first task of that unit would be to establish a publicly owned bus service for the city. Taking the first real steps to create a bus network that is run in the interests of people, not profit.

We are thinking big, acting on the priorities of Glaswegians and putting together a plan to take Glasgow forward. Because we know that they deserve so much better than managed decline, which is all the SNP are willing to offer.

In Westminster, we have the utterly shameful revelations about Boris Johnson and ‘Partygate’ or the desperate proposal being put forward by the Conservatives to send asylum seekers to Rwanda. It is UK Labour who are holding this Prime Minister and his draconian government to account.

In Holyrood we’re seeing A&E performance fall to a record low, with less than half of people attending the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital being seen within four hours and over £146m having to be spent fixing issues at the country’s flagships hospitals.

It is Scottish Labour who are exposing these failings and demanding the SNP Scottish Government do something about it.

And over the past five years, it has been Glasgow Labour who have held the SNP minority administration’s feet to the fire over their own failings.

Whether it’s the growing waste crisis, the removal of the Affordable Warmth Payment for our over 80’s (reinstated thanks to Labour, but cut again by SNP and Green councillors) or demanding better, faster and future-proofed repairs to our roads and pavements.

It is only Labour holding those in power to account.

In two weeks’ time, we have a chance to replace one of those failing administrations.

Glasgow deserves better than five more years of an SNP council that don’t want to listen to Glaswegians, who don’t want to admit there are any problems and do not have the ambition to make our city the best it can be.

Only Glasgow Labour are fielding enough candidates to beat the SNP and replace them as the administration.

Whilst the Greens and Tories fight it out between themselves to avoid fourth place – Glasgow Labour will be fighting every day to win.