Martin Roberts has said he has had an emergency operation to remove fluid which was “stopping my heart from working”.

The presenter, who has spent almost a decade at the helm of Homes Under The Hammer, went to hospital with a “few chest pains” and “generally feeling lousy” before discovering it was a lot more serious.

Recording a video from his hospital bedroom on Thursday, Roberts, 58, said: “I have to say this isn’t where I was expecting to be watching Homes Under The Hammer today.

“Turns out I had a massive amount of fluid around my heart which was actually stopping my heart from working, and had they not got rid of it, which they did in an emergency operation last night, then it is sort of quite serious, like hours to live.”

The TV star, who appeared on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2016, said he ended up in Royal United Hospital in Bath.

“There are lots of complications that have happened as a result, but we will work through those,” he added.

Roberts captioned the Twitter video: “Bit of a shocker. Thankfully I’m here to tell the tale.”