EMERGING from the enormous impact of a pandemic, council services are more vital than ever.

Electing more Green councillors on May 5 will help to protect and improve these local services. A Greener Glasgow is a Fairer Glasgow.

In the last five years, Green councillors have supported the expansion of universal, free school meals to 40,000 children and secured funding for 30 permanent car-free schools.

We believe in education that nurtures children and young people's development and supports their resilience.

We have empowered communities with actions not just words.

Greens secured the funding to fully reopen all of the city's libraries, created a new fund for residents to improve their back lanes, and enabled more people to grow their own food

Greens have helped to connect communities and make our neighbourhoods better places to live by creating over 40km of new separate cycle lanes across the city.

We have secured resources to help people with rising living costs through £5m funding for anti-poverty work.

Our efforts are focused on expanding family income maximisation teams attached to schools and nurseries. Help is needed for low-income households to access the social security payments they are entitled to. We support keeping down the cost of the school day.

We’ve led work on setting the city's 2030 net-zero carbon target and started turning that into action.

This includes securing funds for a free public transport pilot. This adds to the free bus travel scheme for under 22s.

Greens will support the delivery of a cleaner, greener, publicly-run and increasingly free public transport travel that meets everyone’s needs.

The aim is to reduce car journeys to school by more than 50%.

Alongside extending 20mph speed limits, all primary schools will have measures implemented to either slow or reduce traffic around schools. We will support walking and cycling buses.

Greens want to ensure careers advice has a strong focus on supporting a just transition to a low carbon economy. We will work on provision of climate action related apprenticeships and placements in the council.

We have backed those who make Glasgow fairer.

It was Green councillors that ensured Glasgow declared a rent crisis and pushed for putting tenants in charge of leading housing reforms.

We also delivered action on empty homes, successfully bringing hundreds of houses back into use.

Everyone deserves a home that is warm and safe. Good housing improves health, decreases fuel costs, and promotes strong communities.

Glaswegians should be able to easily find out how the council works, how and why decisions are made, and how to have their say.

This is especially true of the biggest decisions, like setting budget priorities.

The council could publish annual budget proposals early, thus improve the transparency of existing spending plans.

We have to make it easier for everyone’s voice to be heard.

Scottish Greens can assist residents to come together to identify shared priorities, and be more involved in the council’s democratic processes over the next five years.

We want your support to build a Greener and Fairer Glasgow.