In less than two weeks voters will elect councillors to run services in the city for the next five years.

The Glasgow Times is looking at wards across the city asking what the big issues are and looking at who is standing for election

Today we look at the wards in the east of the city from Calton to Baillieston.


In Calton, the ward stretches from High Street to Parkhead and covers the Barras, Bridgeton, Dalmarnock and Camlachie.

It takes in some of the most deprived neighbourhoods not only in Glasgow but Scotland with a high rate of unemployment and people on benefits.

At the west of the ward is the Barras, undergoing a transformation with some traditional traders feeling left out and struggling to survive but with some new life coming in the shape of new arts ventures changing the face of the famous market area.

Glasgow Times:

The Glasgow Times found among those trying to make a living in the area despair and optimism in equal measure.

Ludi Rozanski, a Barras trader, for a number of years, sat outside his stall in the heart of the market streets waiting in vain for passing customers.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “People have no money. Those who do, don’t carry cash anymore and we don’t take cards here, it’s a market.

“Traders need support, some people got a little in the pandemic but we still had to pay rent with no customers coming.

“That lot in the city chambers are not interested in us. They have made the streets look nicer and done up the pavements but have done nothing for the people.

“We don’t matter. It was the same when they shut Paddy’s market years ago.”

Bob Duffy has been trading in the area for decades, running a workwear and homewares business.

Glasgow Times:

He said: “It’s gone. There’s hardly anyone coming here anymore. Stall holders are leaving every week. T

“The market needs more promotion, a bit of creativity.

“People come of the tour bus having been told about the famous Barras, expecting to see an old traditional busy market.

“They take one look, take a photo and turn round and get back on the bus.

“It was turned into a 1970s London market a few weeks a go for filming, with busy stalls and fruit and veg and all the old stalls.

“It looked like it used to look. It looked great. That’s the way it should be but it isn’t.”

Denise, from Dengy’s Deli, is a little more optimistic about the future.

Glasgow Times:

She said: “It is going to be improving. I hope it’s going to get better. There’s a lot of different things and new people coming in, Like BAD and St Luke’s doing weddings and concerts.”

Over at St Luke’s bar and venue on Bain Street, there is also optimism and the bar is busy and a band is setting up for a 600 sell out concert that night.

Glasgow Times:

The bar manager said it has been tough for the last couple of years but is hopeful a corner is being turned.

He said: “It is coming back, people are coming back.”

There are still pressures and challenges running a hospitality based business.

He added: “After the pandemic we now have the cost of living to deal with.

“We were shut for two years and now we have a VAT rise and power costs and other prices going up but we still need to try and charge the same prices.

“We could do with rates relief.

“The area could be kept a bit tidier, the council could keep on top of that better.

“Sometimes being out here, being so close to the city centre but not in it, we feel as through we are a second thought..”

Calton ward

Calton will elect four councillors next month. Currently there are two SNP, one Conservative and One Labour councillors.

The SNP are standing three candidates hoping to take another in the ward.

Labour have two candidates, also hoping to take another seat.

The target for both is the Conservative seat, won last time by Robert Connolly.

Labour were around 70 votes behind the Tories for a second seat

George Redmond is a former senior Labour councillor and a former executive member for Regeneration and Economy.

He has decided to return to electoral politics and is trying to return to the City Chambers.

Celia O’Lone is looking to be re-elected for Labour.

SNP were closer to denying the Tories their seat, just 50 behind for a third SNP seat in the ward. Greg Hepburn, SNP council business manager, is on the ballot again as is Linda Pike their previous third candidate and Olu Shokunbi.

The Greens, Liberal Democrats and Alba are also standing a candidate in the ward.


Other seats in the east of the city are East Centre, Shettleston, Baillieston and Dennistoun.

In East Centre four councillors will be elected.

Labour’s Frank Docherty won the most first preference votes last time.

Labour and SNP both won two seats each. With Labour 200 votes ahead of the Conservatives for the last seat.

The SNP are standing three candidates, Labour two, the Conservatives, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, Alba and one independent candidate are also standing.

In Shettleston four councillors will be elected.

Last time Labour’s Frank McAveety, former council leader and ex MSP, was elected first with the most first preference votes, ahead of Thomas Kerr of the Conservatives and the SNP’s Laura Doherty in third.

Once all the votes were counted however, and the complicated transfer of votes calculated, the area finally elected two SNP, one Labour and one conservative, edging out the second Labour candidate.

The Greens, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Socialist Party are also standing.

In Baillieston just three seats are up for grabs. SNP and Labour are both fielding tow looking to get the advantage that prove crucial in becoming the largest party or winning a majority.

In 2017 the SNP were elected first with Elaine Ballantyne seven hundred votes ahead of Labour’s Jim Coleman who was also elected along with Philip Charles of the conservatives.

Coleman was alter disqualified as a councillor when he failed to turn up for any virtual council meetings for more than six months during the pandemic.

The Conservatives, LibDems and Greens are also sanding.

Dennistoun is another three member ward where the Greens took a seat last time.

Anthony Carroll is hoping to retain the sea won by Kim Long for the Greens in 2017.

Labour is only putting up one candidate in the ward while the SNP is fielding two.

The Libdems and Scottish Trade Union and socialist Coaliton are also standing

Tomorrow the North and Canal ward focus.