U:ME has expanded its range of Spice Shots and customers can now get their hands on the Kansas City Style BBQ from Sainsbury's.

If your tastebuds can’t resist a smoky BBQ taste then this oil blend could be the one for you.

It combines fresh tomato, sticky honey and spices with a fiery chilli kick.

U:ME Spice Shots have been around since the end of last year and are an easy way to add flavour to meals.

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The new Kansas City Style BBQ option joins the first two flavours released: Japanese Style - a blend of onion, pepper and garlic – ideal for adding to a stir fry, and Lebanese Style - a combination of onion, garlic, pepper and lemon – ideal when mixed, stewed or sizzled.

Kim Matthews, Commercial Director at U:ME, said: “Our Lebanese and Japanese Spice Shots were such a hit last year, with families wanting to spice up mealtimes and explore different cuisines from their kitchen, that we knew we had to expand the range – and the Kansas City Style Spice Shot is the perfect addition.

“Its sweet yet smoky taste with a bit of a kick makes it ideal for marinading, grilling, roasting or barbecuing with meat, fish or vegetables – creating the perfect summer flavour to compliment nearly any dish. Best enjoyed outside, with friends and family!”

We reviewed the new Kansas City Style BBQ flavour as well as the Japanese Style Spice Shot – here’s what we thought.

U:ME Kansas City Style BBQ Spice Shot

Glasgow Times: (left) U:ME Kansas City Style BBQ Spice Shot and potato salad (right). (Katie Collier/Canva)(left) U:ME Kansas City Style BBQ Spice Shot and potato salad (right). (Katie Collier/Canva)

We made a potato salad using the BBQ Spice Shot and were not disappointed.

It was delicious, easy to make and would be the ideal addition to your table at the next family BBQ or laid out on the picnic blanket when you’re out and about.

While we aren’t keen on food that’s super spicy, this Spice Shot adds a nice kick without being unbearable and it can be added to a variety of dishes.

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The garnish of lettuce leaves, cream cheese and spring onions complimented it well although you could opt for crème fraiche instead of the cream cheese if you wanted to.

You can buy the U:ME Kansas City Style BBQ Spice Shot via the Sainsbury’s website and in selected stores for £2.30 per jar.

U:ME Japanese Style Spice Shot

Glasgow Times: (left) U:ME Japanese Style Spice Shot and (right) chicken stir fry. (Katie Collier/Canva)(left) U:ME Japanese Style Spice Shot and (right) chicken stir fry. (Katie Collier/Canva)

We made a chicken stir fry using the Japanese Style Spice Shot and we’d recommend it.

The meal was quick to prepare and easy to cook. The flavour was definitely one our tastebuds didn't complain about but we think it might be best to add a bit more than the recommended two teaspoons to get a stronger flavour.

The stir fry is a great meal to add the Spice Shot to and it’s something we see ourselves making for our tea again.

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The U:ME Japanese Style Spice Shot is also available to buy for £2.30 at Sainsbury’s.

So, if you’re looking to spice up your life and your meals without the faff and tingly tastebuds, U:ME has you covered.

You can shop the U:ME range via the Sainsbury’s website.