A DAD-TO-BE defended himself in court after shouting at a takeaway owner he believed was threatening his pregnant partner.

Gary Donnelly appeared in the doorway of the Oriental Garden Restaurant on Carmyle Avenue and started shouting aggressively at the owner.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told details of the incident on August 14 last year at around 8.45pm. 

The depute fiscal told the court how Donnelly shouted at James Kildare: "If you try to run my girlfriend off the road again I'll f***** do you." 

He added that the 28-year-old then returned to his vehicle parked directly outside the restaurant and revved his engine before driving off.

Mr Kildare later told police he was unaware of any incident involving Donnelly's girlfriend and was left "terrified" by the incident.

Glasgow Times:

On September 1 last year police told Donnelly, from Carmyle, they were investigating the case.

Donnelly represented himself in court and told Sheriff Shona Gilroy that he hadn't been in his car at first but looking out of the window of his home.

He said: "I was making sure my heavily pregnant partner was getting in the car safely with the other two children."

He claimed there had been an ongoing issue with Mr Kildare involving several neighbours on Carmyle Avenue and he believed Mr Kildare had tried to cut his partner off in her car.

Donnelly added that his vehicle was an older Audi model and required to be revved several times before fully starting.

Sheriff Gilroy admonished Donnelly.