BIG thanks to the Glasgow Times for organising the only 'leaders’ debate' hustings of this local election campaign, which took place on Wednesday this week.

The questions put to us by Times readers mirrored the concerns all candidates are hearing on the doorstep about the state of the city and our vital public services, about the cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency.

It's clear that Glaswegians want a new approach to these issues. Whether that means a change in who runs the city will depend on the votes cast in Thursday's poll.

Regardless, the desire for doing things differently is undeniable. Residents want to be listened to, to set priorities and be involved in the design of local services. The "council knows best" culture must change.

That’s what Green councillors will bring if we have a greater say in how the city is run - and we are offering that clear choice to voters. 

The city's problems won’t be fixed by looking backwards, repeating the mistakes of the past, which is exactly what some parties are offering in their flimsy manifestos and dubious candidate selections.

Real change needs the new ideas and energy that only Green councillors will bring.

The Scottish Greens have listened and produced a comprehensive plan for a greener and fairer Glasgow.

It will deliver transformation in our everyday services, like recycling, street cleaning and roads maintenance. It will deliver a new future for local assets, like our parks and green spaces, libraries and community centres. And it will deliver a transport revolution now, rather than just talking about what we might do in 20 years’ time.

It will also deliver the urgent focus on climate action that only Greens will prioritise.

Climate is causing chaos around the world - and its impacts are not equal.

The inequality in our society so clearly exposed by the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis is the same unfairness that’s at the heart of climate emergency too.

We need both climate action and social justice, and we don’t have time to put this off for another election cycle. The time for real change, the time to elect Greens is now.

Every Green councillor elected on May 5 will work flat out to deliver our manifesto.

Greens are leading transformation in government, delivering policies like free bus travel for under 22s and record investment in recycling.

In the City Chambers, with seven councillors in the last term we’ve made a massive difference on climate action, but also for communities, securing the funding to reopen all our libraries, backing above inflation increases for foster carers, and reversing cuts to citizen advice and women’s aid groups.

Green councillors make a difference because we act with integrity, engage constructively, and get things done. With more Greens, that positive difference will just keep getting bigger.

You can trust Greens to deliver for your community, for Glasgow and for the planet.

A greener Glasgow is a fairer Glasgow and that’s why you should give your number one vote to your local Scottish Greens candidate this Thursday.