THIS Thursday let’s send a shockwave through Glasgow City Chambers.

On May 5, voters will go to the polls and decide the future of Glasgow and their local areas. Glasgow Conservative councillors have been working hard for our city and their local communities over the last five years.

Take my colleague, councillor Euan Blockley in the Linn ward, who has stood up and supported local facilities in his ward like the Couper Institute and will continue to support this and other local facilities that are badly needed in that community.

Or councillor Robert Connelly in Calton ward, who has supported local residents and groups in their fight to re-open and get funding for the full re-opening of the People’s Palace/Winter Gardens through the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund. He will continue fighting for proper funding for local services and community facilities in his ward.

All Glasgow Conservative councillors have and will continue to support our local community centres, libraries and museums and will continue to fight the SNP in Holyrood for a fair funding settlement for Glaswegians.

But it is not only in areas where Conservative councillors have been in place since 2017.

Candidates have been campaigning in their local areas for months, speaking to voters about the concerns they have with the current SNP council.

We’ve had the brilliant Pauline Sutherland, standing in Anniesland/Drumchapel ward, who has been dealing with residents’ concerns since she began campaigning and will make a fantastic councillor for the area.

Or the inspirational Faten Hameed in East Centre ward, who has been working hard for residents already by doing community clean-ups, visiting local facilities and businesses and she will continue her amazing work as a new councillor for East Centre ward on May 5.

All Glasgow Conservative candidates are campaigning and working hard for their communities – campaigning to Clean Up Glasgow by scrapping the SNP’s ludicrous bulk uplift charges which only the Glasgow Conservatives have never voted for; going back to fortnightly green bin collections; investing £10 million in frontline cleansing staff and the creation of an Environmental Enforcement Team to tackle the city’s fly-tipping issues.

It’s not just a “spruce up” Glasgow needs. It is a plan for the future which only the Glasgow Conservatives are offering, including plans to introduce free swimming for children during school holidays; extending Subway opening hours and introducing free Subway travel for under-22s and over-60s, and we understand the issues everyone raises with the state of our roads. We would double the Roads Capital Budget.

Glasgow Conservative candidates have the plan and policies in place to really move Glasgow forward over the next five years.

If you want councillors that will stand up for you and your community then I ask you to put a 1 beside your local Scottish Conservative candidate on Thursday and we will stand up for your communities, which have all too often been neglected in the City Chambers by the SNP and Labour.

Together, let’s send a shockwave through the City Chambers and send a clear message to the establishment parties. It’s time to focus on your local priorities.