A MASSIVE well done and thank you to the volunteers who run the Argo Boxing Club in Drumchapel.

It’s great to hear that there are still well-loved community-run clubs in Glasgow that are so determined to help kids in the area. It’s good to know that they only charge £1 so anyone can get involved.

They deserve all the success that they get. Good luck to everyone involved in the future.

J Raeburn, Knightswood

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HAVING read many articles on Scotland’s drug enforcers in many of your editions causing havoc and some caught and put behind bars from murder to extortion, money laundering and the dreaded drugs which they give the innocent and vulnerable in our communities.

It’s like a cancer spreading like wildfire, just like the enforcers’ bullets, not even safe to go to Asda in case you get caught in the crossfire but at least they are killing their own, but our families are getting hooked on the drugs they sell and even getting killed by this evil drug by being addicted to them.

Police Scotland are trying their best with other agencies to curtail the cartels from far and wide, but they always find ways to get it onto our streets and the cartels fighting for seniority power going to their heads and hiring hitmen to cause mayhem and kill anyone that stands in their way.

No point in jailing them because if they’re caught, as your paper states, they just carry on what they did outside prison, firing the shots and taking control of our prison system like a scene from The Godfather.

They are there to be punished and the officers are not there to be controlled by the convicted drug barens.

Time to put in the army to run our prisons and put these convicted drug barons in their place and put the cartels out of business for once and for all – or give them sentences where they will never be released, and also no communication to the outside world to run their empires and they should never be allowed to spend their stashed away loot made from spreading misery.

The only losers are our children in this evil drug war that ends in death for some families.

Time to bring in someone like Eliot Ness who could not be bought and end this drugs war that’s the second biggest killer in Scotland.

Stephen Johnstone