NICOLA Sturgeon has urged voters to send Boris Johnson’s Tories a message and “lock them out of power” in councils across Scotland.

The SNP leader said backing the SNP will tell the UK Government to take action on the cost of living crisis.

With days until the polls open, the First Minister is looking to convert people’s anger at Boris Johnson into SNP votes in Scotland.

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She said: “Together we can send a political shockwave from Scotland through Downing Street.

"We can put Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak under real pressure to act now to help families out.

“Every SNP vote this Thursday will have that impact. It’s only the SNP that has Scotland at heart and only we can be trusted to stand up to the Tories.

“Every SNP councillor elected this week will stand firm against the Tories, ready to lock them out of power.”

The Conservatives, meanwhile, are targeting Nicola Sturgeon.

Glasgow Times:

Former Scottish Conservative leader, Baroness Ruth Davidson, has urged pro-UK voters to elect Tory councillors. 

She said: “The failing record of Nicola Sturgeon and her candidates is on the ballot paper this Thursday. 

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“They’ve left Glasgow filthier than ever before. They’ve left drug deaths to spiral in Dundee. They’ve got plans to make it unbelievably expensive to drive to work in our capital city. 

"Don't reward the SNP for failure. Get out to the polls on Thursday and teach them a lesson.” 

The Greens are telling voters that councils with no Greens are the ones that need them most in a bid to increase the number of councillors they have across Scotland.

Partick Harvie, Scottish Greens co-leader said: “Progress in city climate plans in Edinburgh and Glasgow has been down to the work of Scottish Green councillors, leading calls for improvements in public transport and saving local services like libraries and swimming pools.

“And this is not just in our cities. If you want to see the value of having Greens in the room look at what our councillors have done in Stirling, Orkney, Aberdeenshire and the Highlands, pushing local authorities to recognise the climate and nature emergencies.

“It’s also been clear where there has been no Green involvement in decision-making, where roadbuilding and commuter belt developments are put before green spaces and breathing life into town centres.”

Labour launched their Love Glasgow Vote Labour trailer that will be touring the city in the last days of the campaign and focusing on cuts to council budgets.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader said: “You just have to look at the streets in Glasgow to see the consequences of these brutal cuts to cleaning, and the same is true for communities right across Scotland.

“Bins are overflowing, litter is piling up and there are rats on the streets – this is nothing short of vandalism by the SNP.

“Our communities deserve better than endless cuts and neglect at the hands of SNP and Tory governments.”