I’M disgusted by the fare increase by First Bus. My new fare is now £2.65 after being £2.50 days earlier.

Do we receive a better service? Of course not. 

After paying more for my fare today I was welcomed by a wet seat with a squashed can of cider next to it and a bag on the floor of empty cans.

Is this fare hike paying for under-22s to get free travel? Dearer travel with more Glasgow bams.

I will never get a First Bus again. I’m looking forward to going on trains from now on.

I look forward to hearing from First Bus management in my Glasgow Times. 



Many readers were dismayed with the behaviour at the Sunday football, here is what a few of them had to say about it...


THAT’S why it’s better keeping these two teams apart. 

There should be no ticket allocation to either of them when they play each other if they can’t behave. 

Disabled and kids at these games, god forbid that any of them got a bottle smashed into them.

Animals behave better than some of these hooligans.

Liz Graham


BAN both sets of supporters from each ground before someone is hurt badly. It’s not worth the hassle.

Carlo Morlotti


I DON’T care who you support, you’re not a true fan when it comes to violence at a match.

There are young kids and old people and disabled people at these games, so supporter isn’t a word I would use for any of you.

Catherine Harvey


BUNCH of weins the lot of them.

What kind of example is that setting the younger generation?

Bunch of animals the lot of them.

Jill Ferguson


I AM a Celtic fan but in my personal opinion both sets of supporters need to get a grip.

Yes, we all want to wind up the opposition when we win leagues or beat them in games but at the same time throwing bottles at disabled people and at players it’s just disgraceful.

Both clubs are at fault. It’s not just one or the other. I feel sorry for the disabled people who were attacked.

Kieron Glasgow


YOU lot are as bad as each other, even now both sides are acting like bairns, I’d ban the lot of you.

Wattie Moodie