TOMORROW Glaswegians go to the polls.

At stake is the choice of who can be trusted to steer this city through some of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in generations.

The cost-of-living crisis intensifies daily while at the same time we’re emerging from the devastation to lives, communities and our economy caused by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, climate remains the single biggest threat humanity faces, and cities like ours must adapt - and quickly.

Local government delivers many of the cherished public services closest to daily lives but it also has a vital role in addressing the huge hurdles ahead. It’s why your vote tomorrow is crucial. I believe that should be a vote for the SNP.

Despite the unprecedented challenges of the recent past, Glasgow’s first ever SNP administration has done much to earn voters’ trust.

For example, from our election in 2017 we’ve prioritised support for low-income families through extending free school meals and 1140 free nursery hours years ahead of schedule, have delivered record results for school leavers, and have ensured that in the weeks ahead we’ll help tackle the cost-of-living crisis by providing 84,000  families with gift cards worth £110 to spend in local businesses.

As we recover from the trauma of Covid, it’s time to go beyond restoring services and finishing the job of delivering a fairer, prosperous and more modern Glasgow.

Our opponents, frankly, have neither the plans nor the credibility to do so.

For five years, Boris Johnson’s Tory foot soldiers in Glasgow have carried out the bidding of the most hard-right Westminster government in generations.

The Glasgow Tories are the party of Universal Credit cuts, the rape clause and Brexit, all played out to the politics of the dog whistle.

Meanwhile, it’s been a short five years since Labour were in power in Glasgow, running the city like their fiefdom for decades.

Not only did they rob women workers of hundreds of millions of pounds, but their big decisions were too often solely about feathering their nests.

Who can forget the hundreds of thousands of pounds funnelled every year into paying themselves two and three times over for doing the job of a councillor? Not once have they publicly reflected on the very real legacies of their misrule, believing Glasgow should simply be ‘handed back’ to them.

Throughout this campaign they’ve peddled nothing but blatant dishonesties, in Glasgow and across Scotland. It’s a campaign based on shameless misinformation.

There are many reasons why Anas Sarwar would prefer to pretend Labour can do the things it simply can’t, rather than, say, talk about the success of Glasgow’s schools or the £1bn impact of Labour’s equal pay scandal.

Instead, Labour pushes its falsehoods like bargain basement Donald Trumps.

And like the Tories, they’ve also become a party which likes nothing more than celebrating negativity about Glasgow.

The SNP, for example, said for many months that the biggest issue facing cleansing services has been the pandemic.

At the recent budget we invested millions to restore communities with new, dedicated teams. Now that they are able to do so, those teams are getting on with the job.

Yet even the recovery of services is the subject of Labour attacks. They have two tricks, dishonesty and negativity. They simply can’t be trusted.

In contrast, the SNP remains steadfast and focused on what is best for Glasgow. Unlike the flimsy and insulting manifestos of Labour and the Tories, ours is a comprehensive plan for the city.

It is about the £20m investment in cleansing depots, the new year-round neighbourhood enhancement teams and the £23m set aside for every ward to spend on the priorities identified by residents - be that parks, pavements or potholes.

This is also about restoring services, like removing weeds and leaves, long ago cut by Labour.

It’s about practical measures to address the cost-of-living crisis, be that the £9m investment in gift cards for low-income families, continuing with our pioneering holiday food programmes, helping with energy bills and ensuring citizens have access to professional help to make sure they get every penny in benefits they are entitled to.

Our plan is about modernising Glasgow’s transport system which, after over 40 years of neglect, is languishing behind many UK and European cities.

The Clyde Metro, which earlier this year the Scottish Government committed to delivering, emerged from the Glasgow SNP’s new approach to transport. It will transform Glasgow, its communities and its economy.

Meanwhile, we are already exploring how new legislation can allow us to once again operate publicly-owned bus services in the city.

We also have a plan to use the unprecedented global profile and positive reputation Glasgow has secured as host of COP26 to meet our climate targets, attract new jobs and investment and make sure our young people have the skills needed for the new green economy.

We’re also investing in community facilities. These assets can’t just be left as unmaintained and neglected shells as they were under Labour. They are now fast becoming vibrant community hubs with facilities people need and use.

And we’ll complete the job of sorting Labour’s equal pay scandal, the single biggest cut Glasgow will experience each year for the next three decades.

Our commitment to concluding the delivery of pay justice for women has never wavered. And we’re doing so whilst protecting citizens from its impact. Again, Labour has left the SNP to clean up its mess, but we have the plan and the leadership to draw a line under this sorry scandal.

Just two years we could never have imagined the impact of a global pandemic on all our lives, our communities and our public services.

Tomorrow, Glasgow has the opportunity to make sure it elects councillors who can support our recovery, who can tackle the Tory cost of living crisis and the legacies of Labour misrule.

On Thursday, May 5 vote SNP.