As East Kilbride celebrates its 75th anniversary, here are six things you may not know about the town and its history...


1 A bunch of impressive musical acts, celebrities and sporting greats hail from the town (or at least lived in it for a while): the Reid brothers, of Jesus and Mary Chain; Roddy Frame, of Aztec Camera; Dee Hepburn, of Gregory’s Girl fame; John Hannah; national treasure Lorraine Kelly; and Rangers legend Ally McCoist, to name but a few.

Glasgow Times:

2 Talking of Gregory’s Girl, the story goes that the classic 80s film should have been made in East Kilbride but the then town bosses said no and Cumbernauld won the honour instead.

Glasgow Times: RODDY FRAME

3 The town is home to the National Museum of Rural Life, created around a working dairy farm which dates back to the 1950s.

4 East Kilbride has a castle. Mains Castle is now a privately-owned tower house, sitting on the edge of the James Hamilton Heritage Park.

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5 The sturdy brick building, St Bride’s Church, was designed by modernist architects Gillespie, Kidd and Coia, and built between 1957–1964. It once had a tower, but it was removed for safety reasons.

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6 The Dollan Aqua Centre, formerly the Dollan Baths, which opened in 1968, is named after former Lord Provost of Glasgow, Sir Patrick Dollan. A local urban myth says the pool missed out on official Olympic size designation because it was mistakenly built five centimetres short. In fact, it is the correct length, but it has only six lanes, rather than the Olympic standard of 10.