REGARDING your story in the Times about litter in the Govanhill area, it is the same in every district of the city. 

As for one person complaining they only get two recycle bins  for a tenement close with eight families.

This applies to most tenements in the city and they only get emptied every 16 days that is why the bins are overflowing, or you could be lucky to live in a two or four in a block home with your own bins.

W McCarron


SO now Mhari Black has been allegedly spotted breaking the rules (or was it laws) by drinking alcohol on a train, Nicola Sturgeon breaks the face-covering laws, Keir Starmer allegedly breaks the rules, Boris Johnson goes right over the top, but can I ask the politicians and police, what about Dominic Cummings? Did he not drive to test his eyesight? What a farce. Laws? Don’t make me laugh.

Jim Tees 
Via email


IT’S all very well for Prince Charles to promote planting trees but not everybody grasps the responsibility that goes with it. 

In my area, a lot of people just fancy the glamour of planting a tree but do they sweep the fallen leaves up in the autumn? No chance! 

Result? Blocked drains on street corners. That heavy message needs to be clearly outlined during this promotion.

Mrs D


I AGREE with your reader in Tuesday’s Glasgow Times about the price surge rolled out by First Bus.

A 15p increase! You’ve just lost another customer First Bus. Well done!

Why should I pay more to be greeted by a dour-faced driver and then have to sit next to neds drinking Buckfast at the back of the bus with music blaring from their phones?

Buses in Glasgow are just attracting more anti-social behaviour with the free travel for under-22s. The limit should be 16 for free travel. The rest should pay.

May Roberts