TODAY the people of Scotland have a choice.

The people of Glasgow have a choice.

Division, decay and decline with the SNP and the Tories – or a brighter future with Labour.

Over the last five years, our city – one of the finest in the world – has been completely failed by this out of touch SNP administration.

Our streets are strewn with litter, back-courts are full of unemptied bins.

‘To let’ boards are creeping up Sauchiehall Street like gangrene creeping up a wounded limb.

And the workers that go above and beyond to keep our city moving have shamefully been forced to strike to get the fair deal they deserve.

This is unfair for the people of Glasgow, the workers of Glasgow and all who work in Glasgow.

The people of Glasgow deserve so much better than this.

But the SNP council leadership are entirely out of touch with the people of our city.

Glasgow doesn’t need a ‘gussy up’ as cllr Aitken has suggested – it needs a radical renewal.

But at the latest budget, the SNP turned their backs on the Glaswegians most in need.

They removed the winter fuel payment, picking the pockets of the elderly across our city in their hour of need.

Frankly, our city cannot afford another term of SNP mismanagement.

Our city cannot afford to be run into the ground.

Our city cannot afford to have its cultural assets stripped from the people who own them and left to rot.

Our city cannot afford more closed libraries, more cuts to cleansing budgets and more SNP failure.

As we speak, hundreds of thousands of Glaswegians are being forced to choose between heating and eating as the cost-of-living crisis bites.

But Glaswegians are being failed by both of their governments in their time of need.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make different choices.

Scottish Labour has a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and bring our country together.

Our detailed and costed plans could put over £1,000 back in your pocket - it includes a windfall tax on energy giants, a rebate on water charges and halving rail fares.

Scotland can no longer afford two out-of-touch and failing governments.

These local elections are also your chance to vote for a local champion that will stand up for you, your family and your community.

The Tories offer nothing but further cuts and further decay to our city.

They claim to stand up against the SNP but the fact is that they are the biggest threat to the union and have no chance of replacing the SNP in Glasgow.

Glasgow Tories are the answer to a question that no one has ever asked – they are the party of division and privilege and are at odds with all that Glaswegians hold dear.

And we know that the Greens will simply roll over and rubber stamp every cut that the SNP want to impose.

There is an alternative.

We can restore our city and make Glasgow once more a city to be proud of.

When you go to your polling station, vote Scottish Labour and let’s build a brighter future for Glasgow together.