FINAL campaign messages have been issued by the political parties as the polling stations open today in the council election.

The SNP want voters to send a message to Boris Johnson and the Tories at Westminster, while Labour wants the message to be sent to Nicola Sturgeon at Holyrood and Susan Aitken in George Square.

Glasgow Times:

The Tories want voters to focus on local issues and put Boris Johnson and lockdown parties to one side.

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The Greens are asking people to think global, and act local with climate change and communities at the heart of their message.

In Glasgow the SNP are looking to hold on to power at the City Chambers, while Labour is looking to regain the control it lost five years ago.

The SNP are looking to ward off a Labour challenge in Glasgow and say previous Labour control has led to the council’s cash problems.

Keith Brown, SNP deputy leader, said: “Councils across Scotland are still paying for the unmitigated disaster that was PFI contracts, with local authorities using up a sizeable chunk of their education budgets to pay for the legacy of these disastrous deals.

"That is money that could be spent on making sure our schools recover from the pandemic and investing in Scotland’s children.

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“We are also seeing the legacy of Labour in Glasgow as councillors are facing the prospect of re-mortgaging historic buildings in the city to pay off the bill for Labour's disgraceful failure to ensure equal pay for women - something the SNP is now acting on.

“The people of Scotland cannot trust Labour to support local services and give them the funding they need.”

The opposition parties, meanwhile, say it is current funding cuts from the SNP Scottish Government that is leading to cuts in services.

Labour is targeting both the SNP and the Conservatives.

Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader, said: "Too many Scots are having to choose between heating and eating as the cost-of-living crisis bites.

Glasgow Times:

"It doesn't have to be this way. We can make different choices.

"Scottish Labour has a plan to tackle the cost-of-living crisis and bring our country together.

"At this election you can choose more division and decline with the SNP and the Tories - or you can demand more action with Labour.

"These local elections are also your chance to vote for a local champion that will stand up for you, your family and your community."

Douglas Ross, Scottish Conservative leader, said: “At a local level, the SNP’s record is just as bad.

"They’ve cut hundreds of millions from council budgets. They’ve overturned hundreds of local planning decisions. 

Glasgow Times:

“They’ve brought in controversial sex surveys in schools. They’re hitting drivers with new taxes. They’ve let our biggest city be overrun by rubbish and rats. 

"The SNP have let people down - and Labour have helped them in councils across Scotland where they share power.

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“[Today's] election is a chance to get the focus back onto the things that really matter to people - improving local services, rebuilding roads, investing in schools and cleaning up our streets.”

The Greens are looking to hold the balance of power in Glasgow and councils across the country and say they want to work with other parties but not the Tories.

Gillian Mackay, Scottish Green MSP, said: “Of course, the Scottish Conservatives cannot be constructive.

"A Tory hard Brexit has hit food supplies, Tory social security cuts have hit household budgets and Tory obsession with fossil fuels has led to soaring energy bills. P

"eople are struggling with a cost-of-living crisis that is entirely of the UK Government’s making.

Glasgow Times:

“What’s more, the Scottish Conservatives put road building and fossil fuel expansion at the heart of their campaign, denying the clear scientific evidence from the UN.

“Constructive politics should be done at all levels of government, and Scottish Greens in councils can play a greater role if people think global, act local and use their first preference vote wisely.”

The LibDems, Alba, Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and Scottish Socialist Party are among the others, as well as some independent candidates standing in the election for council seats in Glasgow.