VIRAL footage has shown a fight which broke out in Glasgow's Southside.

The clip, which was taken near Ibrox Stadium, was shared on Facebook this morning and has been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

It is believed the driver got out of his car to confront the cyclist but was left with a bloody face. 

The cyclist is seen throwing punches as the driver tries to defend them.

Glasgow Times:

Glasgow Times:

A third person tries to intervene but is pushed away. The cyclist pushes the driver against a fence before punching him again and then walking away towards his bike. 

The driver, who is seen on the ground, gets up and walks to his car with a bloody face after being helped by people passing by.

Someone filming the rammy can be heard shouting "smash his head in big man, yasssss" and "he's done in, he's been leathered". 

Meanwhile, traffic could be seen queued up. 

Police Scotland say they were not called to the scene.