VOTES are being counted today to decide who wins seats on Glasgow City Council.

Ballot boxes are being emptied and counted electronically at the Emirates Arena with final results expected by around 5pm.

There are 85 seats up for grabs in 23 wards across the city.

The SNP are looking to hold on to power at the council and are looking to win more seats to secure a majority, while Labour want to take back the council it lost in 2017.

A party needs to win 43 seats to have majority control and the SNP has 50 candidates contesting the election to Labour's 43.

If no-one achieves a majority then either two or more parties would need to form a coalition or the party with the most votes would form a minority administration. 

Party leaders were out voting in Glasgow and meeting candidates at polling stations yesterday.

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Nicola Sturgeon arrived to vote in the morning at Broomhouse Park polling station with her husband Peter Murrell, the chief executive of the SNP.

Glasgow Times:

She then visited candidates at other polling stations around the southside of Glasgow.

The First Minister continued with the focus on the Conservatives at Westminster.

She said: “The Tories have spent months consumed by Downing Street parties while ordinary people have been terrified to open their bills as energy and food prices soar. Let the Tories feel the full force of public anger at the ballot box.”

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Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour leader voted at Pollokshields Burgh Hall in Maxwell Park, with his wife Furheen.

Glasgow Times:

In a final polling day message, he said: "Today you have a chance to vote for someone that will stand up for you, your family and your local community."

He added: “Vote Scottish Labour and let’s build the future together.”

Patrick Harvie, co leader of the Scottish Greens, voted at Notre Dame Primary School in Hyndland.

Glasgow Times:

He met Scottish Green candidates in wards across the city including Victoria Park, Pollokshields and Govan

The Greens said: “The cost-of-living crisis and the climate emergency are urgent issues that affect us all.

“That's why we entered government, and that's why we need more Greens in councils across the country working to make our communities fairer, greener places to live.”