JUST back from a break in London and the difference in some aspects of everyday living is stark. 

We never spotted a pothole anywhere, the place was very clean and the public transport is second to none. The buses and the tube are fantastic for getting around.

What a difference when I returned home. Waiting at West George Street for a number 57 the electronic board said ‘due in 1 minute’ which then changed to 14 minutes and apparently, this is quite the norm!

Why do we put up with these third rate services?



ANYONE who thinks that Scotland’s councils will have more money available to spend should Scotland become independent needs to wake up. 

These clowns have been in charge of Scotland now for 15 years.

They constantly blame Westminster and Tories for all their shortcomings.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee Scotland!

Mark Snedden
Via email


READERS had their say yesterday on our story online about trouble on the Balloch to Glasgow rail service on Sunday. Here is a selection of comments from our Facebook page...


MANY years ago I was on a train with a group like that. 

The conductor subtly encouraged the civilised individuals among us to move to another carriage and then disabled the doors on the car they were all left in, ensuring they couldn’t leave the train and they were arrested a couple of stations later.

Unfortunately, BTP can’t be everywhere at once, but I would agree with the train staff that an incident like this should take priority over an alleged trespasser.

Ross McKillop



IT’S a shame what staff have to put with while doing their job. If there are no staff they won’t be able to help people who need it.

John Mckinlay


NO-ONE wants to go to work and feel intimidated and scared.

Unfortunately “the young team” seem to be taking over everywhere these days and they just don’t care or fear any authority.

Victoria Gillan


IT’S all down to irresponsible parenting.

Jason McDonald


IT’S not just the Balloch line. All routes on the trains are the same. Youths running wild.

Alex Mclaren