Labour has claimed the first victory in Glasgow in the council election.

The party took two of the four seats in Shettleston at the expense of the SNP.

Frank McAveety and Jill Pidgeon were elected for Labour with Conservative group leader Thomas Kerr, for the Tories, holding his seat.

Jill Pidgeon said: “People were fed up with the state of the city and mismanagement by the SNP.”

A clearly relieved Thomas Kerr said he was “over the moon”. He added: “I’ve been working hard over the last five years fo people and that has been recognised. It is an indictment on the SNP and Susan Aitken.”

Laura Docherty was elected for the SNP and David turner missed out.

Frank McAveety, said: “I had confidence the people of Shettletson would support me. I’m now what they call a veteran. The SNP moved a candidate form Baillieston to Shettleston and Labour sent him back.”