A MAN had to be restrained by police with shields and tasers drawn after a drug-fuelled rampage at a house party.

Cops were called to Arran Tower in Cambuslang on April 2 last year after neighbours complained about noise.

Two officers knocked repeatedly at the flat before Jonathan McCallum opened the door holding two large kitchen knives in his right hand.

Glasgow Sheriff Court was told McCallum was instructed to put the knives down but said, "oh f***" before slamming the door shut.

Officers requested backup and at 12.30am four more police arrived at the scene.

Depute fiscal Josh Dowie said one officer had "taken a static point" underneath the balcony of the flat.

McCallum came out on to the verandah and shouted: "I'll throw myself off this balcony to land on my neck - I don't give a f***.

"What the f*** are youse doing here?"

Four officers entered the property with two carrying shields and two with tasers drawn and entered into conversation with McCallum.

He kept up his volatile behaviour by headbutting windows, climbing onto the balcony edge and challenging police to a "square go".

McCallum was also shouting out of the window "let's f****** go", "here we f****** go" and "I'm not f****** scared of youse, I don't give a f***".

Around 1.40am he calmed down and agreed to return to the living room and five minutes later was told he was under arrest.

He agreed to be taken to University Hospital Hairmyres to be checked over but became aggressive again on route.

McCallum banged his head off the cell van wall, shouting: "See once these doors fling open youse are getting it," and shortly after had to be restrained to the floor.

Hospital staff cleared him as fit for custody.

Sheriff Amel Elfallah said: "Your behaviour was appalling.

"It must have been frightening for the officers involved and went on for a considerable period."

McCallum, who appeared from custody, was jailed for 150 days.