I WAS reading the story this week about disorder on the train route between Balloch and Glasgow. Why are these gangs of youths allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour?

Do their parents not wonder what they are up to when they leave the home in the morning with their black hoodies on? 

These youths have no respect for anyone and just want to cause chaos and intimidate people wherever they go.

M Dunlop


SCOTRAIL is having a laugh with its drinks ban. 

You go on the train and you find people drinking cans of beer, wine etc. 

Time to enforce the rule and put more conductors or the transport police on trains or stop them at the barriers. 

Maybe they should look at the weekends when some openly drink or smoke in stations. 

D Lamb


GREAT idea. Well done Eve (Bighearted student takes on touching challenge for gran with dementia, Friday).

Dementia & Alzheimer’s are such horrible illnesses. 

Watching your loved ones lose their minds and ability to control their basic functions.

The sooner they find A cure for it the better.

Jill Ferguson
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OIL giant BP has reported that for the first three months of this year profits have more than doubled following oil and gas prices soaring.

With an underlying profit of £4.9 billion, compared to £2.1bn in the same period last year, this is well ahead of expectations. It is no wonder that BP boss, Bernard Looney, has described his company as a “cash machine”.

Rising profits have naturally renewed calls for a one-off windfall tax on energy companies to help UK households grappling with rising household bills.

While gas prices have increased fivefold from prior to the pandemic and oil prices have almost doubled as economies open up, the choice for many, pushed into fuel poverty, will be between heating and eating.

The pockets of the oil companies are deep, having profited from higher wholesale prices, and a one-off windfall tax on excess profits on fossil fuel giants helping hard-pressed households cope with record energy bills is urgently required.

Alex Orr

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YOUR readers this week who commented on their First Bus fare hike are completely correct.

Yet again commuters are hit in the pocket without any improvement in the service.

My experience of the service in my area is of old vehicles, rude drivers and teenagers allowed to smoke and drink in the top deck of the bus without being challenged.

It will only get worse now with free travel for under-22s.

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