Talks will take place to determine who forms a ruling administration at Glasgow City Council after last week’s election.

The vote failed to produce a majority result with the SNP edging out Labour to be the largest party by one seat with 37 councillors to 36.

The Greens, with their number increasing from six to 10 councillors, hold the balance of power and are expected to begin negotiations, firstly with the SNP as the largest party.

Both parties said it was too early to discuss possible outcomes, only that conversations would be had.

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The SNP won the highest share of first preference votes across the city with 35.5%, which was down from 41% five years ago.

Labour increased its share to 33.8% from 30.2% at the last election.

The Greens had the biggest increase going from 8.7% five years ago to 13.7% this year.

The Conservatives had the biggest slump in votes down to 10.2% from 14.6% in 2017, losing six seats since last time, taking them down to just two councillors.

The Liberal Democrats and the Alba Party failed to make any impression on the electorate in Glasgow taking just 2.4% and 1.4% respectively.

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Susan Aitken, council leader will again be leading the SNP after being confirmed as SNP Group leader again on Saturday.

After the SNP group met at the City Chambers at the weekend, Ms Aitken said on twitter: “A very happy winning team at our first group meeting at the City Chambers this afternoon.

“We are deeply humbled and grateful to have been re-elected as the largest party in Glasgow City Council. We are ready to serve our constituents and the city we love. Thank you, Glasgow.”

The leadership team was also re-elected by the 37 strong group.

She added: “I’m equally grateful to have been re-affirmed as Leader by my group colleagues along with my brilliant deputy, Ricky Bell.

“And most of all thank you to my constituents in Langside for putting your trust in me to be your local ward councillor again. You’re the reason I do this job.”

The Greens also met in George Square following the vote.

Jon Molyneux ,group co-leader said it was “a bigger Green team that is going to make a difference. He added they: “Can’t wait to get started.”

There is an outside chance that Labour could be part of an administration should the SNP and Greens not reach an agreement to co-operate, either in coalition of to back the SNP to form a minority administration.

After the result Labour group leader, Malcolm Cunning, said he was not ready to “concede “the SNP would form the administration.”

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar said the result was proof that Labour was back as an force in Glasgow and Scotland.

He said: ““Today there is no doubt that Scottish Labour is back.

“We are continuing the work of rebuilding this party so we can get a chance to rebuild the country.

“I don’t aspire for second place - I aspire to first place.

“In Scotland the choice is now between a forward looking and optimistic Labour Party or the bitterness and division of the SNP. “