Last week the people of Glasgow sent a clear and unambiguous message. While the shape of a future administration in the city remains to be seen, it is clear that the people of Glasgow are fed up with this SNP administration.

Across Scotland, the SNP saw its vote rise very modestly. In Glasgow, it fell by five percentage points compared to five years ago.

Where the SNP in some other local authorities held their seats, the SNP in Glasgow are reeling from the loss of three sitting Councillors that they clearly never saw coming.

And while Nicola Sturgeon proclaimed success, SNP Councillors in her own backyard were being given the boot.

Glasgow Labour won the popular vote in nine wards across the City. We added five new seats to our previous tally, and an impressive 15 new faces to welcome to the Labour benches.

Impressive for their qualifications: community activists, organisers and campaigners who won the trust of their communities, from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Unfortunately, they are not being joined by some equally exceptional candidates who were tantalisingly close to their own victory. To those candidates who stood and were not successful - I wish to place on public record my thanks and appreciation for their amazing work.

But this week, the new representatives are being shown around the building, given their IT equipment and being inducted into the sometimes boggling processes and procedures of Local Government. It’s a level of activity the Chambers has not seen since before the pandemic.

Amongst the hubbub of activity, there are discussions ongoing about the future of Glasgow, about the choices that we will have to make over the next five years to enable Glasgow to flourish once again. The election result did not yield a clear winner in seats, or in votes.

But it did yield a clear loser: the current SNP administration. During the election campaign, the SNP consistently failed to turn up to hustings events, and continued to claim that all of the City’s challenges were being made up by Labour for electioneering purposes.

It revealed a complacency and arrogance that ultimately led to a senior SNP Councillor losing their seat, despite representing the area for ten years.

A few months ago, polling guru and star of BBC Election coverage, Professor Sir John Curtice, said that the SNP were on track for their best results ever.

And yet the SNP in Glasgow lost both votes and seats.

The people of Glasgow were clear that the status quo is not good enough. And that is all the SNP had to offer.

Despite this damning indictment, the SNP leadership here in Glasgow clings on.

Some will seek to apportion blame for the SNP’s terrible result in Glasgow elsewhere. Others will blame ‘sectional interests’ being ranged against the incumbent administration. Others still will simply choose to ignore the verdict rendered, and carry on regardless.

In short: exactly the kind of tin-eared and dismissive attitude that Glaswegians have come to expect over the past five years.

This is not a partisan point, though some may choose to simply dismiss it as such. This attitude is actively harming the services that the Council is required to deliver, and our City’s prospects for future growth.

The need for a new administration in Glasgow cannot be clearer.

One that listens and responds.

One that seeks to empower its communities through investment and growth, rather than simply managed decline. One that rises to our challenges and builds a fairer, greener and more inclusive Glasgow.