A violent carer attacked a disabled woman after “losing self control”.

Claire Drynan has been struck off after assaulting a vulnerable woman in her care while working in Renfrewshire.

It comes after she repeatedly stuck them on the body with her hand causing both “physical and emotional harm”.

The incident happened around November 9, 2020 while Drynan was employed as a Support Practitioner.

She was then convicted of the offence which was aggravated by prejudice relating to disability at Paisley Sheriff Court on January 7, 2022.

Drynan has since “demonstrated only limited insight and regret” for her shocking actions.

As a result, she has been removed from the Scottish Social Services (SSSC) register.



The SSSC report said: “Social service workers are expected to meet relevant standards of practice and not abuse, neglect, or harm people who use services.

“They are expected to not put themselves or other people at risk of harm and should not behave in a way which would bring their suitability to work in social services into question.

“You were convicted of assaulting a disabled service user in your care.

“Your actions have caused physical and emotional harm to a vulnerable service user and are very serious.

“You have demonstrated only limited insight and regret.

“Although the behaviour was an isolated incident which would indicate a limited risk of repetition, your behaviour demonstrated a marked and serious loss of self-control in an everyday caring situation in which, especially given your prior experience, you were entrusted to remain calm.

“On this basis, and given the lack of assurances to the contrary, we consider that there is a foreseeable risk that the behaviour may be repeated in the future should you be allowed to continue to work in social services.



“Your behaviour fell far below the standards expected of a registered worker.

“The behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with professional registration and does breach the fundamental tenets of the social service profession which is indicative of an underlying values issue.

“In terms of remediation, crimes of violence are difficult to remedy as it demonstrates that you are willing to place other people at risk of harm.

“You are an experienced social service worker, who has been registered with the SSSC since June 2019 and you should have been aware of the standards expected of you.”