A PRISONER attacked another inmate in Glasgow’s Barlinnie.

James McGuinness appeared in Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to assault.

On February 28, 2019, the 50-year-old headbutted another prisoner.

Procurator fiscal depute Monique Cooney said: “At 8.20am two prison officers were working when they overheard raised voices. One of the employees observed the accused headbutt another man to the face.

“They separated the man and the accused, and the accused was returned to his cell.”

McGuiness’ lawyer stated his client accepts full responsibility.

He added: “There was a degree of provocation from the complainer, but he accepts that is not an excuse.

“He received punishment from the prison service. He was segregated for seven days.

“Since his release, he has been keeping himself to himself. He has an injury and is still awaiting a date for his operation.

“His record does him no favours and goes back a number of years but other than one occasion in 2002 it is non-analogous offending. It is mostly theft relating to his drug habit.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett told McGuiness: “You do have a lengthy record, but the record primarily relates to offending of dishonesty. You’ve got no outstanding cases.

“This is a case in which I’m told there was a provocation. I’m going to defer sentence for 12 months for you to be of good behaviour.

"This is so you can demonstrate you can keep out of trouble and put all of your difficulties behind you. I hope to see you in 12 months’ time and hope to hear you have been of good behaviour.”

McGuiness will return to court in May next year.