A WOMAN was left screaming for help after a man kicked and chased her in an unprovoked attack in Glasgow.

Jack Jamieson, 20, was at the entrance to a play park on Kennishead Road at 8.30am on May 9 last year when he began abusing people who were passing by.

Jamie Young was walking towards the Priesthill area in the city’s Southside when Jamieson shouted something towards him.

Karen McLaughlin was not far behind and believed Jamieson was drunk. She noticed Mr Young ignore Jamieson as best as he could and continue to walk.

When the woman passed, Jamieson came very close to her and started shouting, but she couldn’t make out what he was saying.

She felt intimated, and told him to “go away”, but he kicked her hard on the left shin. Ms McLaughlin panicked and ran away, but he chased her, and she started to scream “help”.

Jamieson previously pleaded guilty to assault and behaving in a threatening abusive manner and appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing.

Procurator fiscal depute Monique Cooney said: “Ms McLaughlin ran onto the road oblivious to oncoming traffic. Mr Young could hear her cries for help and turned to look at the commotion.

“He confronted the accused in an attempt to help her. Mr Young thought that the accused might approach him and in order to defend himself, he kicked the accused causing him to fall to the ground.

“The accused got to his feet and returned to the play park then left. He made his way onto Ben Vorlich Drive.

“Another woman came across the accused who she knows as ‘wee Jack’. She could see he was drunk and took him home.”

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After being dropped off, Jamieson headed back out. Meanwhile, Mr Young caught up with Ms McLaughlin to make sure she was all right and called police.

Ms Cooney added: “At 9.35am a woman was walking along Ayr Road in Newton Mearns. As she approached The Avenue Shopping Centre, she noticed a male behind her, the accused.

“He shouted ‘p**i’ at her and continued on. She called police. He was traced by officers and taken to Helen Street police office. When cautioned and charged, he replied, ‘I’m sorry about that’.”

Jamieson’s lawyer said her client would be “horrified” to hear what happened as he had no recollection of his behaviour, as would his mum who was with him in court.

She added: “He was diagnosed with ADHD before lockdown. He was abusing alcohol and cocaine as well as taking medication.

“He has not been abusing drugs or alcohol since June 2021 and is only taking his prescribed medication. He was hospitalised twice as a result of his addiction issues and taking substances along with the medication.

“I'm not trying to seek to minimise his behaviour but there were reasons for it. With involvement from doctors and support from his mother and his own determination, he has managed to put this behind him.

“He has already completed three years of a joinery apprenticeship and is keen to finish this.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett told Jamieson, of Newton Mearns: “Your behaviour was deplorable. You attacked a female who was simply walking down the road, but at a later point, you acted in a racist manner towards another female simply going about her own business.

“But I have taken into account what’s been said on your behalf and I’m willing to deal with this in a non-custodial way.”

Jamieson was ordered to carry out 144 hours of unpaid work, be under social work supervision for 12 months and pay £250 compensation to Karen McLaughlin.