TOP Glasgow chef Gary Maclean’s claim that a Mortons morning roll is worth more than a slice of Lorne and a tattie scone has sparked some debate on social media.

Now UK supermarket chain Aldi has weighed in, suggesting that its Scotch beef rump steak, smoked ham hough and marinated gravadlax would all be worthy “upgrades”.

Glasgow Times:

In an interview with the Glasgow Times earlier this week, Gary, whose new book Scottish Kitchen is out now, said: “The people at Mortons? Properly skilful. Morning rolls the proper, crispy ones, are really difficult to make harder, even, than a baguette.

Glasgow Times:

“If this was in France, it would be hailed as a masterpiece and they’d be filling it with beautiful smoked hams and cheeses, but we fling a bit of lorne sausage and tattie scone into it.”

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