A MAN who racially abused a stranger is making efforts to turn his life around.

Andrew Hogan told a woman to “go back to her own country” whilst outside Tesco Metro on Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street on the morning of November 9, 2020.

A security officer contacted police and informed them that Hogan had been shouting a racially offensive remark toward her.

Cops attended and when they cautioned and charged Hogan, he replied “I wasn’t racist, I was attacked”.

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The 48-year-old appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to acting in a racist manner which caused or was intended to cause alarm or distress to the victim.

His lawyer said: “He was intoxicated at the time. He had only been out of custody four weeks before he found himself involved in this offence.

“He’s been out again since March 23 and there’s been no trouble since then. He is engaging with the Positive Outcomes Project and has a social worker in court with him today. She speaks very highly of his efforts to turn his life around.

“He has a bank account for the first time in a long while and has his own tenancy. He bizarrely said to me he wanted to be tagged as he is serious about turning things around. He’s desperate to show people he’s not a waste of space.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett deferred sentencing for six months.

He told Hogan: “You made a racially offensive remark to this woman and no doubt she found it very unpleasant.

“Since then, there have been changes in your life and more recently since you were last released from prison. You now have your own tenancy and you’re receiving support and professional help to address your issues.

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“It’s hoped that the Positive Outcomes Project will stabilise your addiction issues with a view to stopping your offending. There appears to be hope, but the ball is in your court to be cooperative with the assistance being provided to you and to stay out of trouble.

“Only you can control whether or not you will offend again. I’d advise you to stay out of trouble as this is a valuable chance to get your life on the right track.”

Hogan will return to court in November.