Almost 90 refugees from the war in Ukraine have arrived in Glasgow so far amid concerns about people getting resettlement grants.

Thousands of visas have been issued to refugees with a Scottish sponsor and 180 are for addresses in Glasgow.

So far 88 people have arrived in the city under the resettlement scheme.

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John Mason, Glasgow Shettleston SNP MSP asked the Scottish Government about the grants which he said there has been concern about people having difficulty accessing the grant worth £200.

Neil Gray, the Scottish Government’s Europe Minister said funding was a UK Government matter but that councils were making up front payments.

Mason had asked for an update on the welcome hub at Glasgow airport, the council’s resettlement team and the provision of the £200 resettlement grant.

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He added: “Some people have had difficulty in getting that £200.”

Gray said more than 600 people have been triaged at Scotland’s welcome hubs with Glasgow Airport’s hub  triaging more than 120 people.

He added: “Welcome hubs and the support that they offer have been designed at pace in a constantly evolving environment, and the signage at Glasgow airport has been improved to ensure that arrivals can locate the welcome desk, where they will be directed to the welcome hub or given advice.

He said: “The UK Government is responsible for funding the Ukraine sponsor schemes.

“We continue to seek clarity from the UK Government on funding mechanisms and reporting arrangements.

“In the meantime, local authorities are making up-front emergency payments and, where needed, we have worked with the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities to reassure councils that funding for the scheme will be provided by the UK Government.”

There has been a total of 7,684 visas issued to people from Ukraine naming a Scottish sponsor, including 4,982 naming the Scottish Government as the sponsor under the Ukraine sponsorship scheme and 1271 have named a private sponsor.

The total number of arrivals under the Ukraine sponsorship scheme for Scotland was reported at 2,126.

Neil Gray, Europe Minister said: “The most recent data on visas and arrivals, which is published by the United Kingdom Government, shows that, as of 10 May,

As of 10 May, 180 of those visas had been issued to postcodes within the Glasgow City Council authority, with 88 arrivals in the Glasgow city area having been reported., 855 of whom had named the Scottish Government as their sponsor, with 1,271 naming a private sponsor.