Boris Johnson has given a press conference today after signing historic security assurance declarations with Sweden and Finland in the face of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The agreeement pledge to “bolster military ties” and support both countries should they come under attack.

Where is Boris Johnson today?

The Prime Minister arrived in Stockholm on Wednesday before travelling to Harpsund, the country residence of his Swedish counterpart, Magdalena Andersson, where he set out a UK commitment to come to the country’s aid in the event of a crisis.

He is also set to visit to Finland later in the day, where he is expected to formalise a similar agreement with the country’s President Sauli Niinisto.

An offer to increase deployments to the region, including with Royal Air Force, British Army and Royal Navy personnel and assets, will also be made.

This comes as both countries consider the prospect of Nato membership in the face of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing military aggression.

Johnson said: “We are steadfast and unequivocal in our support to both Sweden and Finland and the signing of these security declarations is a symbol of the everlasting assurance between our nations.

“These are not a short-term stop-gap, but a long-term commitment to bolster military ties and global stability, and fortify Europe’s defences for generations to come.”


What did Boris Johnson say in Sweden today?

At the press conference in Sweden, Boris Johnson spoke of the agreement reached by the UK and Sweden, calling it a "foundation stone in the development of relationship".

The agreement between the two countries would see a sharing of defences against what Johnson called a "21st century tyrant" that would be "faced together".

The mutual security declaration would bring both countries together, sharing intelligence.

Johnson urged that the UK would come to Sweden's assistance if it was asked and would "provide support", but Sweden must ask.