A MAN who left a woman terrified after chasing her down a street and grabbing her has been slammed by a sheriff.

We previously reported that Lukasz Wieczorek appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court following the incident on October 17 last year, but sentencing was deferred for a criminal justice social work report to be carried out.

He returned to the dock this week and was ordered to carry out 243 hours of unpaid work and be under social work supervision for 18 months.

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Sheriff Patricia Pryce told him: “You’re this close to going to jail. Do you understand how terrified this woman must have been? Horrendous behaviour. Disgraceful.”

Prosecutor Ross Harris explained that the victim was getting out of her car on Cumbernauld Road, in Haghill, when Wieczorek spotted her.

He said: “At 4.05pm the accused approached her vehicle and began to shout aggressively in a language she believed to be Eastern European.

“He put up his middle finger shouting ‘Islam’. The woman, who was wearing a headscarf, was fearing for her safety.

“She felt threatened and began to walk away. He followed and the woman sped up before breaking into a run.

“The accused ran after her briefly, taking hold of her right arm whilst waving a banknote and continuously shouting.

“She crossed the road onto a footpath and placed the railings between herself and the accused and proceeded to call 999 for police assistance.”

Meanwhile, a man passing by asked the woman if she was being harassed and went on to confront Wieczorek, who then entered a newsagent’s store before coming back out with a carrier bag.

Two people who witnessed him chasing the woman from their window came out to assist.

They took her into their home for safety.

Wieczorek, of Haghill, loitered outside before returning to his own flat.

Mr Harris added: “The woman returned to her home to await police arrival. Officers attended and the woman said she was in fear of returning home late at night as a result of the incident.

“Officers attended the accused’s home and traced him within. He was heavily intoxicated and invited the officers into the flat.

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“He was arrested and conveyed to London Road police office. He was provided with a Polish translation service. During this process, he admitted he had tested positive for Covid-19 before repeatedly stating he had been joking.

“He was conveyed to Greenock police office as the designated Covid custody centre. He was not formally cautioned and charged due to his level of intoxication.”

Wieczorek’s lawyer said her client expresses “deep remorse”.

She added: “He’s ashamed that he has caused someone so much distress especially considering that it was near her home. He’s embarrassed by his behaviour, not for the fact it has brought him to court, but for the distress it has caused the victim.

“He is deeply ashamed, having come to Scotland from Poland in 2016 and having been subject to verbal assault due to his nationality, that this is something he has imposed on someone else.

“It took place after excessive drinking and during a particularly low part of his life. He has significantly reduced his drinking since this incident. He has no previous convictions and works in a recycling centre.”

Sheriff Pryce said: “This is a horrific course of events. The complainer must have been terrified. This is a woman who was on her own and was chased.

“You appear before me as a first offender and the social work report tells me you’re suitable for a community-based disposal.”

The community payback order was imposed as a direct alternative to custody.