COUNCIL workers have been praised by the local authority following the cleanup operation that got underway as Celtic fans headed home last night. 

Thousands of supporters gathered in Merchant City to celebrate the club winning the Scottish Premiership trophy.

Glasgow City Council had prepared for the celebrations and staff started cleaning up as soon as fans started to disperse. 

They worked through the night to get the area back to normal after thousands of litter was left strewn across streets and pavements. 

The council have since given a shout out to these employees.

On Facebook, a post read: "A shout out to our cleansing teams who had to tackle the litter left behind in Merchant City last night. Please remember to bin your rubbish or take it home with you. It is not acceptable to leave it behind or damage infrastructure."

A council spokesperson previously told the Glasgow Times: “Our cleansing staff were prepared in advance to start the clear up as soon as fans started to disperse from the Merchant City. 

“Our nightshift were in place from 10pm onwards and another team is back in the area this morning to make sure things are back to normal.”