Thursday will see all of Glasgow's new 85 Councillors meet for the first full Council meeting of the new term.

This meeting will see the election of the Leader of the Council, the Lord Provost and other key roles. Given the SNP and Greens won 47 Councillors between them, I think it is a safe bet that our incompetent SNP/Green Coalition will once again be running our city over the next five years.

Despite the disappointing result for the Glasgow Conservatives the role John Daly and I will be playing over this term will be crucial for our city.

Glasgow Labour already look like they are descending into civil war with leadership battles and infighting. Someone will need to hold the SNP-led administration’s feet to the fire.

I’m not naïve enough to pretend that will be easy with our reduced presence, but we are up to that job of holding the SNP and anyone who supports their administration to account.

all over 17,000 people voted for us and are depending on us to do just that.

One of the key areas where we will challenge the SNP's failings is in regards to our education system.

Scotland’s education system was once the envy of the world before the SNP came to power but during their 15 years in office we’ve consistently fallen down the international league tables.

That must change.

My colleague Councillor John Daly, will be leading our charge on education. As a former Headteacher in Pollok he saw first-hand how the SNP’s policies were failing our children.

His extensive knowledge and expertise will be a valuable asset, not just for me as a colleague but for Glasgow as a whole.

We are also going to continue the fight against the ridiculous plans to make Glasgow City Centre “car-free” which given the SNP’s reliance on Green Councillors to prop them up are almost inevitable to take place.

That’s despite huge objections from the business community and employers.

Our city centre needs a real plan of action to tackle its decline. An SNP/Green Council won’t be able offer that but we will.

This is just two key areas where the Glasgow Conservatives will use whatever leverage and positions we have to fight for our city and its people.

Now, more than ever, Glasgow needs a strong principled opposition force to keep the SNP in check. The challenge before us is big, but as an East End Tory I never shy away from challenges. The Glasgow Conservatives will be on your side over the next five years and our fightback starts now.