EVERYONE and their granny knew Celtic supporters were going to go to Merchant City after Saturday’s game to celebrate winning the league.

Glasgow City Council should have prepared for this by having extra wheelie bins, skips and possibly bin lorries in the area.

Within minutes the bins were full. If you have nowhere to put rubbish you will drop it.

Or as some of us did, find a bin.

Stephen Ward, Milngavie

NO bins anywhere. They knew it was coming, so should have put bins out.

Galligan Tracy Via Facebook

CELTIC and Rangers supporters in Glasgow should take their lead from their managers.

They conducted themselves during the Old Firm games this season with civility. Two top blokes and no hatred or hostility shown, as after all, it’s just a game of football.

Derek Cardno Via Facebook

AS a retired NHS medic I struggle to understand why so many readers express an opinion in the letters page against receiving the Coronavirus booster jab.

If offered a fourth jab and advised of the benefit by immunology experts, why would anyone wish to disregard this advice?

J T Hardy Via email

GIVE us our city back (Mystery filming takes over Glasgow’s Bridge Street outside The Laurieston Bar, Glasgow Times online).

Local people are being excluded from our own city centre.

John Scally Via Facebook

WHERE is all the money going that Glasgow is pulling in for filming?

Rae Mcnaught Via Facebook

I DISAGREE with residents complaining about filming in Glasgow city centre.

I LOVE seeing the way the city is transformed for movies and television.

It’s great to watch the movie at the cinema and spot Glasgow in it.

Leanne Matheson Glasgow

I WATCHED the new Batman movie recently and it was superb to see the Necropolis in the final scenes.

We should be proud of our city and realise how lucky we are to have some beautiful buildings on our doorstep.

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