A THUG with a “horrendous record” lashed out at ambulance workers and cops after he was found lying on a street.

William Wade was tagged for a year after being sentenced at Glasgow Sheriff Court this month.

The 55-year-old became agitated after being helped to his feet by two members of the public on Thornliebank Road at 6pm on October 12, 2020.

He was escorted to a bus stop and emergency services were called to assist him due to his intoxicated state.

Procurator fiscal depute Ross Harris said: “Two ambulance technicians arrived.

“The ambulance workers approached the accused and he told them to ‘f**k off’. He clenched his fists and made attempts to strike one of them.

“Officers arrived and observed him being violent and aggressive. They assisted in escorting the accused into an ambulance, however, he lashed out with his legs and arms, punching an officer on the stomach.

“Whilst within the ambulance, he made threats of violence towards the ambulance technicians saying, ‘I’ll smash your head in’.

“He was conveyed to Helen Street police office and processed at the charge bar and was aggressive and abusive.

“He attempted to lash out at an officer. The accused then lunged toward an officer headbutting him and striking him to the nose. He was restrained on the ground before being taken to the cell and released once sober.”

After hearing the circumstances, Sheriff Patricia Pryce said: “It’s a really nasty course of conduct. This is a man who has proved he is able to commit serious violence.”

Wade’s lawyer replied: “He’s been out of trouble since 2015. His health has deteriorated since this offence.

“The background here is that he himself had been attacked and he was being accused of assaulting another male. He was in a highly agitated as well as intoxicated state. He had consumed an excessive amount of vodka.

“That does not excuse his behaviour but provides some context. Direct alternatives to custody are available.”

Wade, of Pollokshaws, was ordered to be under social work supervision for two years and tagged. He will have to stay within his home between 6pm-6am for 52 weeks, as a direct alternative to custody.