A RANGERS fan who was desperate to snap up a ticket for the Europa League final was offered some in just MINUTES following a genius idea.

Dale McGuire had been searching online, and even on Spanish websites, but was only coming across tickets being sold for crazy prices including €2200.

He decided he knew he "had to come up with something that would catch the attention of the locals" in Seville.

The 36-year-old was already heading to the Spanish city to join tens of thousands of fellow supporters and decided to message a local print shop via Facebook to make him some boards, to turn into a sign asking for tickets.

It read: "Genuine football fan wishing to see his beloved Rangers. Please sell ticket, I plead with you. €500." 

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After walking the streets for just 20 minutes, a local Sevillian passed Dale. Around two minutes later, the man, who had two tickets seated beside each other, came chasing after him.

Dale said: “He wanted €1000 for two, as this is what my advertisement said, €500 for one. I emptied my wallet and gave him €840 plus £25.

“I was in complete disbelief that my plan had worked. I did feel a tad teary at the time, but sheer jubilation kicked in and I was singing with delight.

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“The seller was ecstatic too; he got the tickets for free originally.

“I knew that because Seville was the host city, then the locals received a decent allocation of tickets. I felt I needed to seek a genuine football fan who understood my needs.

“I was stopped by workmen and taxi drivers who took photos of me as well as fellow fans who congratulated me on my idea.

“It wasn't the most comfortable to wear so now I'm sorted I’m glad I don’t need to any longer.”

Dale, who is originally from Wishaw but now lives in Ayr with his fiancée, travelled to Seville himself after his friend had to cancel plans to join him.

He endured a long and dramatic journey, which started from Glasgow to Bristol on Monday. This plane had been delayed and was late in landing, resulting in the gate for the connecting flight to Faro already being closed despite a sprint through the airport.

Thankfully, the Bristol to Faro flight was then delayed by 40 minutes and Dale was let through.

After arriving in Faro at around 9.30pm, he partied with fellow Rangers fans.

He then walked to a bus station and boarded a 2am coach to Seville. He arrived at 6am and managed to get an hour’s sleep, albeit leaning against a wall.

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Dale said: “Off I then went to find Lumaprint, who had made me my sign the day before my arrival. I made the decision to get the earlier bus in the hope the locals would be willing to sell tickets to me after seeing the sign, which cost €55.

“When I got to the shop I was peeping through the window. It had been completed very quickly and I received magnificent service from the staff.”

Due to now having two seats for the match, Dale’s friend Rab from Motherwell has been offered the extra ticket.

Dale said: “I've travelled to European away games with him before and he gives me tickets for Ibrox.”

His friend Andy will also be cutting his holiday in Lanzarote short to join the pair and will “chance his luck” in trying to get a ticket with the sandwich board sign tonight.

Glasgow Times:

Dale added: “I've had about two hours of broken sleep in 30 hours. I was hoping to get my head down, but I can't switch off from the idea of me witnessing Glasgow Rangers walk out onto the field for a European final.

“Where we were as a club and the mire we have been through makes this a very special night to be part of.

“I just hope that all the fans enjoy our moment and represent the club well. I've had a fantastic rapport with the German fans, as has the rest of us, and I really hope for that to continue.”