I’VE had a fair few passengers and parties celebrating Communions in the past week or so and one such encounter in particular last weekend really did make me laugh …

This being the west of Scotland, in addition to the formalities of Communion itself, afterwards there is a very common theme – adults ripping the *rse out of it!

It starts slowly and innocently, if I’m lucky enough to give any party a lift to a Communion at the start of the day then it’s all very proper at that stage, everyone fantastically dressed up for the big occasion.

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It’s the “after-party” where the fun really starts. And so it was to be at the weekend just past …

I had a taxi of three women and two children post-Communion, to take them from Venue A to Venue B.

Now Venue A was where this day was ending in the eyes of the kids.

But Venue B was exactly where the three women wanted to go, to extend the celebration and, frankly, have a right few more swallies.

Refreshments had been flowing all day but these three tipsy ladies fancied at least one more for the road.

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As I drove towards that road, the immortal line was heard from the back of the cab:

“I don’t want to go”, said Kid 1 and Kid 2 swiftly backed him up.

Which prompted a situation we can all recognise, I’m sure – the negotiation phase.

(Or the bribery phase – you choose!).

First up was the promise of two hours uninterrupted on the Playstation, tabled by the ladies.

The boys responded with a counter offer – Playstation session plus chocolate donuts.

The ladies reflected and landed the winning package – Playstation, donuts and £10 each (but don’t tell yer dads!).

The deal was done right there, although I’m convinced if the kids had held their nerve they could have played the long game and landed a holiday to Florida! So that was it, and on the way to Venue B we stopped at a shop to pick up the donuts and withdraw the tenners.

And to collect what looked like a rather ambitious two bags full of even more Prosecco!

Everyone’s a winner. Hic.

Stay safe.