SO, traffic has to be banned from George Square.

I regard George SQUARE as the centre of the city, not a roundabout, and I detest the concrete blocks barricading the Square. I would like to see cars once again around the Square sharing in the life of the city.  

The priority for the residents of Glasgow is repair of the roads. Can the City Council not come up with the most efficient and best way to get rid of potholes so that they don’t show up again within three months?

E Stewart

WHILE the opposition parties have made comments about the current ScotRail drivers’ dispute, may I take this opportunity to point something out?

At the present time a train driver employed by ScotRail, having passed their probation period, has a basic salary of more than £48,000. 

This figure does not include any overtime payments.

With all due respect to the Aslef and RMT trade unions, this figure is a much higher income than that of many pensioners, the disabled and those relying on benefits. Indeed, it is a higher wage than many other ScotRail colleagues and other skilled workers.  

Although a 2% pay increase does not match inflation figures, given their high starting wage, train drivers would have an increase in their basic wage of more than £960.

This is something which I think should be discussed about this dispute.

Andrew Haddow

I WAS watching the news yesterday morning and a report about why ScotRail, which the SNP government has taken control of, are cancelling some 300 services. 

Now a spokesperson for ScotRail implied that the cancelled services were the fault of the train drivers because they will not work overtime or work their rest days, because of a dispute about pay.

Are Scotrail and this SNP government asking train drivers to work overtime and rest days? 

We will end up with train drivers overworked, tired, stressed and therefore increasing the risk of accidents. Are they serious, they are willing to put the safety of the passengers and staff at risk?

We need an investigation to find out why we have such a shortage of drivers, is it true that the previous company who were running our trains were running the service as cheaply as they could so therefore putting safety at risk, and if so, did the SNP government know?

Jim Tees