A MAN who punched a cop went on to spout a range of sectarian abuse whilst in a Glasgow hospital.

Peter Collins, 53, was arrested in relation to a separate matter and taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital due to suffering from a head injury on May 4, 2019.

But medical staff were unable to treat him due to his aggressive manner.

At around 11.40am, Collins punched a male cop to his left arm and was told he was under arrest for the assault. He went on to make continuous sectarian comments.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court this month, the prosecutor said: “He stated ‘Catholics cause all problems, f****n b******s, f**k the pope'.

“At 2.59pm, the accused shouted towards the officer ‘all cops are b******s, you’re a thick f*****g Catholic’.

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“At 3.51pm, the accused again shouted at the police officer, stating, ‘ill f*****g do you when I get out of here’ and ‘I’ll knock you out in five minutes’.

“He then shouted ‘f**k the IRA’ and ‘you’re a wee p***k’.

"At 4.30pm the accused attempted to kick and spit at the same officer. He was not cautioned and charged due to his demeanour.”

Collins’ lawyer told the court his client lives independently but receives support from his daughter.

He added: “It’s a very nasty incident. He has no recollection of it. He has memory issues but accepts he behaved in that way.

“He was transferred to a psychiatric hospital and deemed to have capacity but there are issues that affect his behaviour.

“His use of drugs, if at all, is very low level just now.”

Sheriff Jonathan Guy placed Collins, of Priesthill, on a structured deferred sentence.

He told him: “This was a nasty offence”.

Collins will return to court in November.