A KIRKINTILLOCH man who crashed his car before trying to escape cops has been slammed for his “appalling” driving.

Mark Whyte, 38, appeared at Glasgow Sheriff Court this month following two separate incidents.

On April 23 this year, Whyte, who was not insured, was charged with driving towards oncoming vehicles causing the drivers to take evasive action, failing to stop for a red traffic light, accelerating through a junction and overtaking vehicles when unsafe to do so.

Prosecutor Derek Buchanan said: “At 3.30pm a man was in a BMW stationary in a queue of traffic near to a junction at Townhead in Kirkintilloch. Behind them was another driver in a Fiesta which was also stationary.

“The accused drove in the direction of the vehicles, failing to notice the traffic was stationary, causing him to collide his Audi into the rear of the Fiesta. This caused the vehicle to shoot forward into the BMW.

“All parties alighted and exchanged details. The accused said he was unsure of his insurance details and told the witnesses he would provide this by telephone later and left.

“Police were informed of the accident. At 8.15pm, police officers on patrol observed the accused’s vehicle which they had been informed about regarding the previous road crash.

"Officers tried to stop the vehicle using blue lights and sirens, but the accused sped off, swerving onto the opposing carriageway.

“The vehicle was not pursued as the officers driving were not qualified to take on any pursuit.

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“Ten minutes later, officers in an unmarked police vehicle saw the accused passing them in the opposite direction. They activated their emergency lights and sirens and turned their vehicle to pursue.

"The accused accelerated quickly and made off at speed. The vehicle was followed, and it continued at speed. It was driven the length of Market Road and turned onto Waterside Road.

“This junction has a traffic light system which was signalling a solid red light. The vehicle accelerated onto the junction without slowing down or taking notice of the traffic light, causing several vehicles to manoeuvre.

“The accused’s vehicle swerved onto the opposite carriageway, accelerating through the junction and causing road users to take evasive action.

“Police continued to pursue the vehicle which continued to be driven at excessive speeds, overtaking other vehicles as it left Kirkintilloch, reaching speeds in excess of 85mph.

“The police vehicle continued after the accused as he entered the village of Twechar, coming to a stop on Main Street.”

Cops approached Whyte and informed him he was under arrest before cautioning and charging him.

Glasgow Times:

The month before, on March 8, Whyte was involved in an accident whilst driving without insurance.

A man was waiting to turn into Kincaid House Hotel in Milton of Campsie when Whyte failed to see his vehicle, driving into the back of it.

Mr Buchanan said: “The accused and the witness exited their vehicles and exchanged details, but the accused did not provide any insurance details. The accused left and the witness continued into the hotel. The following day, the accused had not been in contact with the witness.”

The man contacted his own insurance company and was informed Whyte was not insured. He then contacted police.

Cops spotted Whyte driving in Lenzie the following day. He was stopped and cautioned and charged.

His lawyer told the court: “I have advised him he will be disqualified for this terrible driving. A very full social work report shows various issues he’s had in his life.

“The vehicle has been taken away and confiscated. He does have suitable accommodation and is recommended for a full range of community-based disposals. He takes full responsibility for the offence and acknowledges he must face the consequences of his actions.”

Sheriff Bernard Ablett told Whyte: “You do have previous convictions for road traffic matters, and I have to take this into account as well as the appalling nature of your driving.”

He was disqualified for 16 months and ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work. He was also fined £210.