READERS had their say on the current rail crisis ... here’s a selection of comments.

I DON’T think there’s any sympathy for drivers quite honestly. They get paid very well already.
Grant Murray

THE annoying thing is there is plenty of money to go around but the rich will have everyone fighting for the scraps at the bottom.
It’s bad timing on the unions’ part because the Tories and press will turn the public against them.
Nick Watkins

£50,000 and with overtime over £60,000 and they want a 10% increase.
Call me old-fashioned but if anyone deserves a raise, it’s the nurses, not these guys. 
Yes, it’s an important job but no more important than nursing surely. 
As for asking for 10 %, we are all hurting and before anyone points out what inflation is running at, if everyone asks for and gets 10% by this time next year it will be 20% ... inflation will devalue everything.
Iain Mcarthur

MAYBE if the previous mob had trained drivers there wouldn’t be a shortage.
Cha Macgregor

THE last train to Muirend from Glasgow Central is now just after 7.30pm.
No wonder city centre entertainment hospitality businesses and workers are well p***** off, times were bad enough during the pandemic.
Alan Stewart

THE first train gets me to work too late. 
Last train is 7.10pm. No consideration for commuters. Yet we pay extra for off-peak tickets.
Mary Mimms

IF you voted SNP you are partly responsible.
Trains, ferries, health, policing, roads – you name it they have ruined it but this must be worst of all. 
This will cost more jobs and business than Covid. A bunch of incompetents.
Mark Lain

THERE is a reduced timetable because there are driver vacancies. 
Driver vacancies that could not be filled because SNP’s Scottish Government’s Covid restrictions did not allow training for the past two years. 
They just expected drivers to keep working their rest days to cover. 
This was exhausting and dangerous. So the drivers have taken a stance and decided to work their own hours only. 
So SNP/ScotRail have reduced the timetables to cover. 
Trainees won’t be ready until August and then they have a year’s probation. So this timetable is temporary for 15 months. You get what you vote for.
John Bones