A GLASGOW man headbutted a takeaway worker “completely out of the blue” as part of a racist attack in Easterhouse.

Stuart Irvine, 37, was walking near Imran’s takeaway on Lochdochart Road when two employees were standing outside at around 9pm on October 2, 2021.

One of the men was on the phone.

Irvine approached the pair and headbutted one of them to the face during the unprovoked attack.

He headbutted the victim again, and the man recoiled and tried to get away. When he asked Irvine what he was doing, he replied, “I'm not your mate, p**i b*****d”.

The takeaway worker entered the shop and asked another employee to call the police. When officers attended, statements were taken, and a description of Irvine was given.

Images were obtained from CCTV, and these matched Irvine’s facial recognition image on the police system.

The Easterhouse man appeared in Glasgow Sheriff Court last week for sentencing following two separate incidents. 

He had pleaded guilty to assaulting the takeaway worker, by repeatedly striking him on the head with his head. The assault was proved to be racially aggravated.

Irvine also assaulted a paramedic by repeatedly punching him on the body on August 21, last year.

Josh Dowie, prosecutor, said: “Ambulance crew were called to attend regarding an injured male, the accused.

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“He was on the ground covered in blood. A paramedic approached him, and he lashed out and hit the ambulance worker on his stomach and shoulder.

“The accused thereafter calmed down and apologised. He was taken to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary for treatment where police were called.

“He was cautioned and charged within the hospital, to which he replied, ‘I know I didn’t because it never happened, it’s bulls**t’.”

When Irvine’s lawyer revealed his client had no recollection of either incident, Sheriff Valerie Mays replied: “He can’t remember headbutting someone twice for no reason? I find that difficult to accept.”

The defence solicitor said: “That’s his position. His position is that he doesn’t feel he’s a racist person.

“It’s the actions of a racist person and he does accept that. He is remorseful for his disgraceful behaviour. He is attending addiction recovery services and is a hard-working person.

“This behaviour would certainly entitle the court to sentence him to a custodial sentence. I can only ask the court to deal with this by way of an alternative.

“He needs help, and he seeks help.”

The sheriff told Irvine: “You assaulted a paramedic and, in another offence, assaulted somebody racially aggravated completely out of the blue.

“My concern is that you were already on a community payback order when you carried out these offences. What’s the point of giving you another chance?

“The only thing going in your favour in the recent social work report is that you are doing well on the order, as well as you having three children under five and being the main breadwinner.”

Irvine was ordered to carry out 225 hours of unpaid work, be under social work supervision for one year, with a conduct requirement to attend addiction services, and pay the victim £300 compensation.

Sheriff Mays made it clear that the sentence was an alternative to custody.

She added: “You’ve got to get your act together and be a proper father to these children."