CAN Times Past readers help solve a 120-year-old mystery?

Marilyn Walker, Ladies Competition Secretary at Ashburton Golf Club near Christchurch in New Zealand, got in touch with an unusual request.

“Each year we play for the Bermaline Cup which was first played for in 1903,” she explained. “According to the engraving on the cup, it was presented to our club by a Mr Montgomerie Esq of Glasgow.

“Unfortunately we have no idea what his connection to the club was.”

Glasgow Times: The Bermaline Cup.

She added: “I know from searching on the internet that Bermaline is a bread created in Glasgow by a bakery run by Montgomery and Company, but what is the reason a cup was donated so far away from its origins? I am hopeful there is a family member or local historian who is able to enlighten us.”

Marilyn is visiting Glasgow in late July and would love to talk to anyone who can help.

Can you solve the mystery?

Get in touch by emailing or write to Ann Fotheringham, Glasgow Times, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow G32 8FG.